It's All About Computers

Why did we choose a business name like The Tranquil Computer?

Think about the one thing that we all would like from our computer: That it should have no problems and it should “just work.”

But what do we usually experience? Generally it's the opposite of tranquility, we are ready to heave the hunk of junk into the yard! That simply does not need to be so, you really can live peacefully with your computer and devices.

You can have what you want from your computer. You do not need to suffer through long monologs of technical jargon and acronyms until your eyes glaze over. We will help you find what you want and will speak to you in a language that you will understand.

We work on, and with, PCs and Apples, in Microsoft Windows and MacOS. We also work in Linux and personally use a flavor of Ubuntu. Our experience with computers began when personal computers first began to emerge in the mid-80s. Feel free to read more about our particular computers skills by clicking on Computer Repair.