The Tranquil Computer

I have been a resident of Whidbey Island since 2002 when my husband, Bruce Alexander, and I moved here from deepest darkest Ballard. We fell in love with Whidbey from the beginning and that love for place and community has grown through the years.

My love affair with electronic gadgets began at a very early age from watching my dad build our first television set from an RCA kit to last July when I built my screaming fast gaming computer. My relationship with computers began shortly after I bought my first Packard Bell in 1986, and in noodling around with it, it became broken and there was no one that could fix it that knew more than I did. That's when I decided to learn as much about them as I could and I've been tinkering with them ever since.

That fascination with computers also included following closely the online community as it grew from a handful of friends meeting online via a local BBS to the vast world wide network it is today.

I remember clearly my excitement when browsers first hit the scene and it became possible for anyone with aptitude and patience to craft a web page. I cringe when I think back to the days of gaudy colors, flashing text, animated gifs, and blaring midi music. Thank goodness there are much more tasteful ways of presenting ourselves on the web now!

My endeavors into web site design for others began in 1997 when I completed my first site in barter for a lovely piece of art that I still cherish. I've certainly run the gamut of site design since then, everything from Flash driven sites to simple single page Internet “business cards.”

In 1999 I studied graphic design at the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle. It was a fascinating time to get into that field because that's when computers were just starting to be used for graphic design. I watched and learned while the transition was made from typesetting to Quark, from illustration to Adobe's Illustrator. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, my personality didn't really suit the advertising community of Seattle. Specifically, I didn't have the cut-throat attitude that it took at that time to excel in the field nor the savvy for politics to get in with the right crowd.

What I did come away with is a love for visual design and typography that is reflected in my work. It's not often that you find someone talented in both web site design and visual design. Most often you will find either someone creating butt-ugly web sites that work great or beautiful sites that are a coding mess and break at the drop of a pin. I create visually appealing and well designed sites that work very well, are not easily broken and that stay viable for years to come.