It's All About Computers

I have been designing web sites since 1997. That's a long time and a lot of experience. My first sites were crafted by hand and are still crafted that way today. I have been called a “purist” and I found that a wonderful compliment. When I work on a web site the code is tight, html and CSS all compliant with current standards.

Why should you care about these things? Simply because there isn't a computer program out there that can create a web page as beautifully and as cleanly as a person with the knowledge of how to do it by hand. A computer program is a wonderful tool, but without the knowledge of the raw code to go along with it, sites created in this way are prone to breaking or of having a short life span due to standards or browser changes.

Whether you are considering your first web site and don't have the faintest idea about where to begin, or already have a site that needs to be rescued or redesigned, I can help.

You won't find templates to pick from here, what you will find is that your needs and ideas are closely attended too and your web site is crafted to meet those needs. Contact me if you are ready to rise above the crowd whether you need a simple site with a few pages, or are looking for a complete shopping cart solution, I am ready to meet that need. A current list of references and sites similar to what you are looking for can be sent to you.